The moral of this story is: don’t watch finales drunk, kids.




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Baby bison bisons !!! 

I painted this for my sister’s birthday. 

is there any chance that korra’s chain can conveniently wrap itself around zaheer’s neck and never let go or nah 

i dunno why it it took me until the season finale to realize that the person that voices ming hua is the same person that voiced azula 


red string of fate ahha  aa  a a aa a

Emilia Clarke photoshoot for Glamour France (April 2014)


some zutara shippers have no chill thinking that old lady katara and fire lord retiree zuko are gonna do shit. whatcha gonna write your fanfics on. zuko going all willy nilly on katara and breaking his hip. katara trying to lay on the moves but her arthritis acting up. no. love yourself.